What data can I see on the ELA Reading Skills Report?


The Reading Skills Report shows teachers how students are performing on comprehension questions by anchor standard. To access the ELA Reading Skills Report, scroll down to the ELA section on the left navigation bar of your Teacher Dashboard. Click on "Articles Reports" and then click on "Reading Skills."

The boxes on the report each correlate to a specific anchor skill for reading nonfiction text. The report covers all 9 anchor skills within the Reading: Informational Text strand and takes into account all ELA assignments completed by students.

Teachers can use the key to tell which anchor skills students are doing well on and with which skills students are having difficulty. A green box indicates performance at 80% accuracy or higher. A yellow box indicates performance between 65% and 79%. An orange box indicates performance between 50% and 64%. A pink box indicates performance below 50%. This information can be used to make decisions about which skills to focus on at the class level, small group level, or with individual students. 


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