What data can I see on the ELA Assessments Report?

The ELA Assessments Report provides teachers with valuable information about student performance and progress on ELA Benchmark Assessments. 

The ELA Benchmark Assessments test students on all grade-level Common Core ELA standards for fiction and nonfiction text, writing, speaking & listening, and language (grammar). Each assessment contains multiple reading passages in addition to stand-alone questions, and will take students around an hour to complete. To learn how to assign an ELA Benchmark assessment, click here.

To access the ELA Assessments Report, scroll down to the ELA section on the left navigation bar of your Teacher Dashboard. Click on "Assessments." Here, teachers will find a list of all ELA Benchmarks assigned with a link to a more detailed report for each one.

These detailed reports help teachers make important decisions about their teaching. Since these assessments are auto-graded by the computer, teachers can spend their time to analyzing the data instead of grading. By clicking into the assessment report, teachers can easily find data about overall class performance, class performance by section, question, and standard, as well as individual student performance.

When teachers first click on the report, they will see the overall class accuracy on the benchmark. This number gives teachers a snapshot as to how well the class did.

Further down the report, teachers can see the Test Summary. This shows the number of questions answered by each student (and whether he or she has finished) and his or her overall accuracy on the assessment. There are also links to more detailed individual student reports. By clicking on "See Student Report", teachers can see a student report that shows how the student did on each section of the assessment. 

Teachers can click into each section to see how the student answered each question. Questions the student answered correctly are green with a check mark. Questions the student answered incorrectly are red with an X.

When teachers scroll down on the main Assessments page, they can also see Benchmark Assessment data at the class level. They will see the assessment broken down by section and can click into each section to see the text that students saw as well as data about how the entire class answered each question.

These comprehensive Benchmark Assessments and their reports can be used to help teachers decide:

  1. What standards and skills to teach or reteach
  2. What concepts to cover with the entire class
  3. Which students to pull for small group instruction
  4. Which students to select for additional reading intervention
  5. What skills to focus on for state testing


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