What data can I see on the ELA Student Activity Report?

The ELA Student Activity Report gives teachers a complete list of all ELA articles assigned to students. The report also includes more detailed reports on each assignment.

To access the ELA Student Activity Report, scroll down to the "Articles Reports" section under ELA on the left navigation bar of your Teacher Dashboard. Click on "Activity Report" and then click on the "Student Activity" tab.

Here, you can see all of the articles you've assigned your students. The list includes the student name, whether the article was assigned by the teacher or student-selected, the name and type of assignment (comprehension questions or writing prompt - these assignments are listed separately even if they go with the same article), the date it was created, and the overall accuracy on the assignment. Teachers are able to filter this report by student and/or by assignment. Teachers can also revisit students' ELA pre-test scores by clicking the "View Pre-Test Report" link.

If you assigned comprehension questions or a writing prompt and no students have started the assignment, you are able to delete it by selecting "Remove". This deleted article will not count as one of your 5 free articles for the month.

To view more detailed information about a particular assignment, click the blue "Report" button next to the assignment.

If it is a comprehension question assignment, you will be taken to a screen that shows the exact text the student read, on the left side, with the questions and how the student answered them on the right side. Questions the student answered correctly are green with a check mark. Questions the student answered incorrectly are red with an X.

If it is a writing prompt assignment, you will either see a blue "Report" button or an orange "Grade" button next to the assignment. The orange button alerts teachers that there are writing responses that have been submitted and still need to be graded. Regardless of what button you see, you will be taken to a screen that lists all students who were assigned the prompt. You can see each student's progress on the assignment, including whether it has been graded and when it was last updated. Teachers can click on "See Results" to see the prompt and the response as well as to grade the assignment. To learn more about grading students' writing responses, click here.


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