What data can I see on the Word Study Matrix Report?

The Word Study Matrix shows teachers student progress on Freckle's Word Study program. To access the Word Study Matrix Report, click on "Word Study" under the ELA section. 

Freckle's Word Study program helps students develop the foundational spelling skills necessary for reading and writing. After completing a pre-test, students progress through the word study levels, each level building on the one before.

The Word Study Report shows teachers which levels students have mastered and which level they are currently working on. It also shows which students have not yet begun working on word study. In the image below, I can see that two students, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock, have mastered levels 1-54 and are currently working on level 55. This level focuses on Short and Long Vowel Patterns.

The Word Study Matrix shows how the Word Study levels are broken down, both by skill and by grade level. This makes it easy for teachers to know exactly what students are working on and whether they are working at grade level. From there, teachers can figure out what type of supplementary targeted Word Study work to provide to students.


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