Pro Tip: Using Freckle to save time searching for worksheets

It’s a common problem with many teachers.  We spend too much time searching for the perfect resources for our students.  With thousands of worksheets available online, how can we be certain that the one we select is the appropriate level for a particular student?  With Freckle, you’ll never have to waste time searching for meaningful practice worksheets again.  Follow the steps below, and watch your students grow!

1.  Make sure that your students have completed the diagnostic test (diagnostic not included for grades K/1) in the domain you are working on in class.

In order to get an accurate reflection of where each of your students is currently leveled, they will need to have completed the diagnostic test in the domain you are working on.  For example, if you are working on an NBT standard, let’s say 2.NBT.1, your students will need to have taken the Base 10 diagnostic test on Freckle.  Don’t worry - the first time that a student clicks on the Base 10 domain it will automatically have them complete the diagnostic!


2.  Go to the Printables page on the left navigation bar on your Teacher Dashboard.




3.  Generate an Individualized Printable for personalized practice, or Standards-based printable for whole group practice.


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