Pro Tip: Using Freckle to track progress

Classrooms seem to be getting more crowded each and every year.  Teachers are supposed to track more data and progress than in years prior, but with these larger classrooms, data tracking has become increasingly difficult.  Freckle can help! Clicking on the Individual Practice button on your teacher dashboard will give you access to a number of different reports to help you track student progress.

This article will cover:

1. Tracking overall class progress using the Matrix page
2. Tracking daily progress using the Adaptive Practice page

(all found on the left navigation bar under MATH) 


Tracking Overall Progress

1.  Make sure that students have taken all the necessary diagnostic tests.

If you teach elementary school, you should make sure that students take all of the elementary (or foundation) domain diagnostic tests at the beginning of the year.  This gives you insight as to the starting level of each student within a particular domain.  You may notice that your students are at a higher level in some domains, giving you insight as to where you should place your focus.

If you teach Middle School, have all your students take diagnostic tests on the middle school (or advanced) domains. 

Please note, taking all the diagnostics at once is not recommended. We suggest spacing them out over the first few weeks of the school year.


2.  Take a screenshot of the Matrix page for each domain at the beginning of the year.

The Matrix page is a useful tool to see how students are doing relative to one another. Taking a screenshot of the Matrix page from all domains at the beginning of the year will serve as a reminder of where your students began.  



3.  Throughout the year, look at the Matrix View.  Compare the original Matrix View screenshots with the updated Matrix to determine student growth.

At any time during the year, you can take a look at the Matrix page to monitor how well your class is performing.  These graphs will help you determine both individual student progress and overall class progress.


Tracking Daily Progress

1.  Have students work on Freckle for a period of time.

2.  Go to the Adaptive Practice page on the left navigation bar on your Teacher Dashboard

3.  Check student performance (percentage correct, questions answered, standard of focus, etc.)

This page shows you exactly how students performed during the last session using Freckle.  As you can see below, this page gives detailed information as to the time of a practice session, the number of questions answered, and the percentage correct. You can also see the standard(s) in which each student worked by clicking the arrow next to each student's name. You are able to determine which students excelled, which students could benefit from extra support, and which students need to improve their work ethic.

By using the Adaptive Practice to your advantage, you are able to track daily progress and implement necessary changes very quickly effectively. For more information on this page, click here.



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