How can I share Freckle with my friends and colleagues? Do you have any training materials I can use?

For all the information below and more resources, please visit
Twitter & Email
Twitter and email are two of the absolute easiest ways to share Freckle. Here are two links that make it really easy!
Tweet about Freckle
Email a colleague about Freckle
You can also "Like" us on Facebook and invite your friends to "Like" our page too!
Conducting a Professional Development Session
You can host a spectacular PD session about Freckle, and we can help. Your principal and colleagues will thank you for being a leader, and for introducing them to a tool that makes their lives much easier.
Just head to and set up a time to share Freckle with your colleagues!
It's that easy!
Give out the Freckle Handout
Once everyone starts asking you about this adaptive program you use, you can start giving them this hand out: Download the handout
Want more?
We're glad you're excited to share Freckle, and if we can make it easier for you, please click Contact above!


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