What is Fact Practice?

The Fact Practice component of Freckle allows students to do just that: practice their math facts. Students build math fact fluency by testing their ability to recall the basic facts in all four operations, accurately and quickly. Think of Freckle Fact Practice as computerized, adaptive flash cards. The goal of Fact Practice is to help students recall basic facts without conscious effort. When students build this automatically of math facts, they can devote their working memory to problem-solving and learning new concepts and skills. 

To access Fact Practice, students must login, select Math and then select the card for Fact Practice.

Once on the Fact Practice screen, students can click or tap in the first box and solve the first fact by using the number keys to enter their answer. Pushing the "Enter" or "Return" button to submit each answer will move them through Fact Practice. There is no need to click in each box. As they work through the facts, they will uncover a hidden picture.

Students earn coins for correct answers, just as they do in the Independent Practice program. The coin amounts are randomized and are in no way associated with the difficulty of the fact. Students gain immediate feedback after answering each math fact and are shown correct solutions if they answered incorrectly.


Students can practice their math facts up to twice a day.  All students will begin with addition and subtraction facts, and move on to multiplication and division once they demonstrate a high level of mastery. If a student demonstrates a need for remediation, Frreckle will adjust their level accordingly by moving them backwards.


How can I fit Fact Practice into my daily schedule?

The most common way Fact Practice is incorporated into the math block as part of the independent practice program (Freckle use in bold):

5 minutes: Daily Review

10-15 minutes: Introduction to New Material

10-15 minutes: Guided Practice

15-25 minutes: Independent Practice (Fact Practice + Adaptive or Assigned Practice) -- all students on Freckle while teacher pulls small groups

5-10 minutes: Exit Ticket/Quick Check


Fact Practice can also be done as part of the Daily Review, be incorporated into math centers, or be assigned as nightly homework. Since Fact Practice is relatively quick, students can be practicing anytime they have a few minutes to jump on a computer or iPad.

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