Why is it important to spend time reflecting after an Inquiry Based Lesson?

Each day of an inquiry based lesson ends with a brief reflection. All reflection slides include questions about the concept covered as well as the inquiry process. Reflection is an important part of the inquiry learning process and should not be skipped.

Reflection after an inquiry based lesson is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Reflection helps students link math experiences and construct meaning from those experiences. Students will have to apply the concepts learned during the inquiry to a new problem. Students will get better at solving inquiries the more they reflect on what went well and what they could improve upon. Reflection at the end of a lesson will help students decide how to approach the next day's inquiry.
  2. Reflection lets students take control of their own learning. They have to think about what they've just learned and make sense of it. They will have to figure out what was difficult for them and how to make it easier.
  3. Reflection is powerful when students can discuss their learning with others. Hearing a peer make sense of a new problem or hearing him or her talk about what was difficult will help students explore other's metacognitive strategies. Reflection also fosters a sense of community and understanding among peers.
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