What can I do if the reading level my student is assigned on Freckle is not right?

The Freckle ELA program does its best to assign each student a reading level. You can see diagnostic results by logging on to your Teacher Dashboard and clicking on the Individual Practice Reports button under ELA. Then click on the Assignment Reports button. By clicking the blue bar that says "View Diagnostic Report," you can see a list of your students and their diagnostic reading scores.  These scores will get more accurate the more students practice on the program.

When you go to assign articles to your students, you will see that while all students can read an informational article about Fossils, for example, each student will be able to read the article at a level that is appropriate given his or her estimated reading level.

Freckle's program will always default students to read the article at the recommended level that is closest to his or her estimated reading level. This level will adjust the more students practice. However, if you feel student's diagnostic score is inaccurate and want the student to read the article at a higher or lower level, you as the teacher have control over the level assigned to the student. 

After you select 'Assign ELA' then 'Articles', select a topic that you want your students to learn about. Once you choose, you will be taken to this page. Here, you will specify what type of assignment you want to give students.



Simply use the dropdown menu to select the reading level of the article at which you would like the student to read the article. You have control over what level article a student reads. Once a student is assigned a certain level, he or she cannot change the level.


When assigning articles, you as the teacher have the ability to change each student's assigned level should you feel he or she should read a more or less difficult version of the article.  While Freckle will recommend a reading level for each student, the teacher has the ability to modify those recommendations since you know your students best!


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