How do I grade student responses to writing prompts?

With Freckle's writing program, teachers are able to assign leveled writing prompts to their students. 

Each writing prompt covers 1 of the 3 big types of writing that students must practice:

1) Opinion/Argument, 2) Informative/Explanatory, and 3) Narrative

Once you have assigned students a writing prompt, and they have completed it, it's time to grade their work! While comprehension question assignments are graded immediately by the computer, writing assignments require teacher grading.

There are two ways to grade student writing.

Grading Method #1:

1A) Log on to your Teacher Dashboard, and click Reports under ELA on the left navigation bar. Select "Article Activity" and choose to view the Class Activity or Student Activity tabs.

From here you can select either the student or the assignment you want to grade. A yellow "Grade" button will appear next to the assignment that needs to be graded.

Grading Method #2:

1B) Log on to your Teacher Dashboard, and click "Article Writing Report" under ELA reports on the left navigation bar.


**Steps 2-6 are the same no matter how you choose to access your ungraded writing assignments


2) Choose the assignment you want to grade by clicking on the orange "Grade" button (on either report).

Note that you will see both comprehension question assignments and writing prompt assignments. Note that comprehension and writing assignments are listed separately. Be sure to check the "Type" column as well as the date of the assignment to ensure you are choosing the right one to grade.

You will also notice that once at least one student has completed the writing assignment, you will see an orange "Grade" button appear next to the writing assignment. Click on that button to grade your students' work. Each time a student's work is submitted but has not been graded, the "Grade" button will appear to remind you that you of this.


3) View your list of assignments and grade each assignment that is listed as "Not Graded".

You will see a list of each student to whom you assigned the writing prompt. Notice that as assignments come in and are graded, the Assignment Report for will update to reflect your grading progress. Graded assignments are listed in the second column in green, and assignments that have not been graded are listed in brown.

The next column tells you when the assignment was last updated. Students are able to go back in and edit their answers. This column will tell you the date a student last updated his or her response.

To read a student's response and assign a grade to him or her, click on the "See Results" button next to the student's name.



4) Click on "See Results" to assign a grade to each student's writing response.

By clicking "See Results," you will open a drop down window that will display both the prompt to which the student responded as well as his or her response. Note that because this is differentiated writing practice, students may receive slightly different prompts. You will want to read the specific prompt to which each student responded.

On the left-hand side, teachers can view the anchor skills assessed in the prompt and assign the grade. The anchor skills will correspond with one of the 3 main writing types.

To assign a grade on the 4-3-2-1 scale, simply click the score you want to give the response. The following grading scale is used:

  1. Below Grade Level
  2. Approaching Grade Level
  3. At Grade Level
  4. Exceeding Grade Level

If you would like more guidance in grading student writing responses and help understanding what each of the numbers means, you can utilize the Freckle Writing Rubrics.

Click "Save" when you are done. You will see that that student's assignment is now listed as "Graded".


6) Monitor the ELA Assignment Reports page to track your students' progress on the assignment.

You will notice that after all submitted responses are graded, the orange "Grade" button will change to a blue "Report" button. Each time a student submits his or her work for the first time, you will see the orange "Grade" button reappear next to the assignment, alerting you that there are writing responses to grade. You an also monitor which students have not started or submitted the assignment.

Even once responses are graded, you are free to go back and look at student responses. You are even able to change your grade.

You might set aside a specific time in your day for students to complete the writing assignment all together and grade them all after school. Alternatively, you may assign a writing prompt to be completed over the course of the week, during choice time or centers, or as homework. Checking students' progress on the assignment is extremely important in this case. Freckle's writing program allows teachers to compile writing samples from their students and track how well their students respond to opinion, explanatory, and narrative prompts.

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